Bad Girls Boxing Mission: To be an organization dedicated to the development of basic as well as advanced technical skills required in the sport of women’s boxing. The instruction provided is designed to assist young women, ages 8-40 to redirect negative energy into more positive outlets. This is accomplished by developing a sense of discipline, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills.



Bad Girl’s Boxing’s competitive edge is linked to Head Coach Lori Steinhorst’s knowledge and experience. Ms. Steinhorst is not only head coach, she is also the initial agent for the corporation, and serves as President of Bad Girls Boxing. She has 15 years of experience as a USA Boxing, certified coach. She was the principle owner of a boxing gym in Mexia, Texas where she trained both amateur and professional boxers. Her passion to the sport of women in boxing is part of her calling to “serve”. Ms. Steinhorst served in the United States Army’s Chaplains Division and as a Police Officer for the State of California. She is a published author, a member of several service organizations, such as the American Legion, the American Police Hall of Fame.




Dara Villanueva, volunteer assistant coach of BGB is the secondary agent of the corporation and also serves as Secretary Treasurer for Bad Girls Boxing. Ms. Villanueva has a Masters of Business Administration, and is also a USA Boxing, certified coach. She has worked over 15 years in the healthcare industry as an Employee Health and Wellness Coordinator with a passion for disability management. Ms. Villanueva’s support of BGB is about her belief in the power of the human spirit to over-come obstacles and to never give up on goals and dreams.