Fight Like A Girl Project

2014-05-23 22_24_46-Fight Like A Girl The Movie — a gritty, first-person narrative of a female boxerWe are excited to announce that Fight Like a Girl is complete and exhibiting at film festivals around the country to much acclaim!
We received the “Best Documentary ” award from the Other Venice Film Festival and were awarded a medal from the World Boxing Council for “inspiration, education, and courage.”  They also wanted to acknowledge the empowerment/boxing workshops we do with young girls.
We received glowing reviews and many messages from women and men about how the film has helped them.
Now that we are in the process of distributing the film, we need your help.  We are in the final round of fundraising with a goal of $10,000 to get what we need to distribute Fight Like a Girl on a much larger scale:
•Licensing rights for archival footage (we have festival rights only)
•Editing a 52 minute version for TV screenings and university outreach programs
•Errors and Omissions Insurance
•Closed Captioning
•Marketing to raise awareness of this film.


Contributions are tax deductible

Fight Like a Girl has aligned with Bad Girls Boxing, a non-profit community outreach program.  A portion of the proceeds will be shared with BGB with their goal of using boxing to assist young women in reaching their potential.

Bad Girls Boxing is an organization dedicated to the development of technical skills required in the sport of women’s boxing. The instruction provided is designed to assist young women, ages 8-40, to redirect negative energy into positive outlets. This is accomplished by developing a sense of discipline, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills
About the movie (
Told from a first person perspective, Fight Like A Girl is about women overcoming their demons through boxing, while telling a larger story about abuse, trauma, mental illness and healing. In a gritty, first-person narrative that was shot over a period of five years, filmmaker Jill Morley delves inside the little-known world of female boxers to meet the women who are passionate about fighting hard. She gets pulled in to this culture as she trains for the Golden Gloves. From world champions to amateurs training for local tournaments, Jill discovers they all have a lot in common. The emotional history and traumas bubble up, fleshing out a compelling story about women overcoming adversity in what many consider a violent sport.

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