Spirit Of Giving

Sue-FoxThe Spirit of Giving Award is the Bad Girls Boxing Program’s most prestigious award. This award is given to acknowledge a highly supportive and inspirational individual. The recipient of this award has a clear understanding of our program’s philosophy, goals and vision in rebuilding and reshaping the lives of young women. She serves as an example to all women in the sport of boxing.

It is with great pride and enormous respect that Bad Girls Boxing presents Sue “TL” Fox with the Spirit of Giving Award.
A Professional Boxer from 1976-1979 Sue “Tiger Lilly” Fox is a pioneer in the sport of women’s boxing and considered one of the top boxers of her era.
In 1996 Sue ventured out in search of information on women’s boxing and discovered there was literally nothing available. What was available was incomplete or inaccurate. With nothing but a passion to discover what was out there about her sport, her research drove her to become the lone historian on Women’s Boxing. A short time later in 1998, she would create an internet site that would connect women in boxing from all over the world. The Women Boxing Archive Network, commonly known as WBAN, would give women’s boxing the push forward it needed. Sue Fox reported on women’s participation in the sport of boxing from nearly every country that allowed women to box. Through a network of volunteer reporters, photographers, and sometimes the boxers themselves, WBAN became an award winning internet venue for the sport of Women’s Boxing.
Fox would go on to assist women in the sport as a news and television resource, a liaison between fighter and promoter, matchmaking and fight coverage. All of this accomplished while holding down a full time job in Law Enforcement.
Many websites have come and gone, but WBAN has stood strong and steady. This, I believe, is due to the diligence of a woman that understood the very nature of the sport and the women that fight in it. She has been a resource for Bad Girls Boxing and a trusted advisor for years. Many opportunities to for us to attend fights and meet the women of this sport were provided by WBAN. Sue has attended and reported on our Southern California Camp. We are deeply appreciative and grateful.
We would like to thank Sue for being the kind of leader that provides hope and inspiration to all young women that seek success in this sport. For always being available, for doing everything possible to have updated information, photo’s, results and stories and supporting the women who fight in this sport. You have given your heart and soul to this sport. Thank you is inadequate…we all owe you so much.